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How does the eye doctor know whether the patient has actually used web-based stimulation therapy?2019-03-29T16:15:04+00:00

At the latest with the sending of the access data by the Caterna Vision GmbH to the parents, the ophthalmologist’s practice receives a practice account. Through this access, the orthoptist or the ophthalmologist has the possibility to view the therapeutic protocols of the patients.

The application times of web-based stimulation therapy are recorded automatically. They are available to both parents and practitioners alike. In addition, the parents can enter the occlusal times of the child manually into the application. Parents can also use an app to control the occlusion times as well as the times of on-line therapy.

The following is a short video on how to monitor the compliance with your patients.

How long do children have to play on a PC?2019-03-29T16:16:56+00:00

Depending on the age of the patient and medical prescription, a gaming unit takes about 20 to 40 minutes, a maximum of one hour per day.

Caterna is a complementary treatment for occlusion, a web-based stimulation therapy. The effect of the therapy and not the computer game is in the foreground.The computer game is used for attention-grabbing, while the wave patterns in the background stimulate the weak eye.

What happens after a therapy?2019-03-29T16:17:53+00:00

Depending on the course, diagnosis, age, the ophthalmologist’s practice decides on the further procedure.
As a rule, most treatments are successful. Depending on the patient, the ophthalmologist’s practice decides whether the Caterna treatment will continue to glue, whether it will be removed, or whether a further complementary Caterna treatment will be useful.

What happens after the end of the three months of web-based stimulation therapy?2019-03-29T16:19:51+00:00

Web-based stimulation therapy is also used as a “booster” for occlusion therapy, if the occlusion therapy alone can not improve the visual acuity. After completion of the three-month treatment interval, occlusion therapy is returned depending on the course of treatment.

An extension of the web-based stimulation therapy is decided in the individual case by the ophthalmologist’s practice.

Can you use the games on a tablet?2019-05-03T09:57:42+00:00

Yes, the games will work with a screen that it is at least a 10″ in screen diagonal. Hereby, it is important that the child’s field of vision is fully covered.

It is also important that the child sits at the correct distance – at least 50 cm – to the screen so that the mechanism of action can unfold.

Can the program be dragged on CD / Stick to use it on other / several PCs?2019-03-29T16:22:56+00:00

There is no need for this. With the personal access data the Caterna visual training can be accessed from any PC.

I try to run Caterna over the hotel wireless and this is not. Why?2019-03-29T16:23:49+00:00

Basically, we recommend the Caterna Therapy over a computer connected by cable to the Internet, since the Caterna therapy requires a constant connection to the Internet, which is sometimes not the case with WLAN.

Caterna therapy does not require very large bandwidth, however there are hotels and other operators of public hotspots, which limit the bandwidth of the individual user, so that all users have the possibility to surf the net.

Some hotels also block individual applications (eg streaming video or IP telephony). It can therefore happen that the Caterna therapy does not work for this reason.

Ich versuche Caterna im Ausland zu nutzen, das klappt aber nicht. Warum?2019-03-29T16:26:26+00:00

Some countries monitor Internet traffic or use censors that prohibit or ban certain content on the Internet.
It would be conceivable for Caterna to fall under this scheme in some countries.
Another option is that the operator of the Internet connection (such as a hotel – see also, Caterna Hotel) prevents the Caterna page to load.

However, we already have patients who used the therapy in a foreign country and they could easily use the caternal therapy from there.

Please tell us about this:  kundenservice@caterna.com

Are there studies on the efficacy of Caterna?2019-03-29T16:27:45+00:00

Yes, there are studies and various publications confirming the mechanism of this web-based stimulation therapy. We would be happy to send you these studies, please send an email to kundenservice@caterna.de.

Are there already reports on the application of the caternal vision training?2019-03-29T17:28:06+00:00

Yes, there are a lot of experience reports and positive feedback from ophthalmologists and from the parents of the patients. You can find some patient feedback on our Website . If you would like to find out more, please contact us, we are happy to get in contact with very experienced orthoptists.

Are there smaller packages than 3 months?2019-03-29T17:30:48+00:00

No, they do not exist. It is not useful to treat with the Caterna therapy for less than three months. Only with three month or more the visual stimulation can be achieved as effectively as possible and visual acuity can be improved.

Is Caterna running on an Apple / Mac computer?2019-03-29T17:34:44+00:00

Basically yes. In the past, there were Mac laptops that did not support Flash, but because the Caterna games need Flash to be displayed correctly on the screen, one could not use Caterna on these computers. Since Apple introduced the flash applications for its devices, Caterna works without problems.

Web browser

Most Mac users use the “Safari” browser for browsing the Internet. Also with Safari you can use Caterna. However, safari security settings are often more complicated. We therefore recommend using Caterna with Firefox or Chrome as a browser. Both browsers you can download for free on the Mac (iMac and Macbook).

Screen size

However, a different point is important in relation to the MacBook Air. In order for Caterna’s stimulation scheme to work on the brain, the screen must cover most of the child’s field of vision. We therefore recommend a minimum screen size of 17 inches. There are only very few notebooks that have such a large screen. Most notebooks have between 11 and 15 inches. So if you want to use Caterna on a notebook, you have to connect an external screen, which has the necessary size and possibly also an external keyboard and mouse, in order to build the right setting for Caterna. The child must sit in front of the screen and the keyboard must be in child’s length between screen and child.

Of course you can connect to MacBooks external screens, since Apple but special sockets is used is often connected with the purchase of an adapter.


Although the Caterna therapy runs on MacBooks without problems, because of the too small screen size, however, care should be taken that an at least 17 inch external monitor is used.

For what age is Caterna?2019-03-29T17:36:28+00:00

In general we recommend the Caterna therapy for children with amblyopia between 4 and 12 years. Depending on the patient and the diagnosis, older children, adolescents and adults can also be treated with Caterna sight training.

For which children is Caterna?2019-03-29T17:40:27+00:00

Caterna is designed for patients (children) aged 4 to 12 years with a secured diagnosis amblyopia.

Caterna is an adjunct therapy in addition to the occlusion treatment, for example, if :

  • Occlusion scored no optimal treatment result
  • The occlusion treatment stagnates
  • The amblyopia was discovered late
  • A compliance problem exist (their child does not stick as it should)
  • A particularly severe form of amblyopia is present
  • A special time pressure state such as impending enrolment

The exclusion criterion (contraindication) is epilepsy.
Children with epilepsy are not allowed to do Caterna therapy.

Does the child have to wear their own glasses during the Caterna treatment?2019-03-29T17:41:55+00:00

Yes, in the treatment with the Caterna visual training is the stronger, the healthy, eye masks and the child carries his own glasses.

How much is the Caterna Vision Therapy?2019-05-03T12:30:11+00:00

The access for the entire three month of training is £ 115. This is about £38 per month for the health of your child.

What is the Caterna Vision Therapy?2019-03-29T17:45:11+00:00

The Caterna Vision Theraoy is a complementary online therapy for occlusion. Through daily online visual exercises on the computer, in combination with the eye patch, the Caterna Vision Therapy can contribute to a significant improvement in visual acuity. This can speed up treatment success. The goal is to motivate children more for the occlusion and to increase the compliance by means of the online visual exercises. The number of participating clients and clinics is increasing daily; More than 1.250 treatments have already been carried out.

Caterna visual training is a web-based stimulation therapy. From different games, which differ by concept, design, control and difficulty, the appropriate game can be selected again every day.

Who is Caterna Vision GmbH?2019-03-29T17:46:03+00:00

As a former spin-off of the Dresden University of Technology, Caterna develops diagnostic and treatment methods in the area of ophthalmology together with scientific partners. Proven approaches from practice and research are combined with new technologies. Caterna acts at the interface between IT and healthcare.

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