What is the Caterna Vision Therapy?

The Caterna Vision Therapy is an innovative visual training that is prescribed in addition to the occlusion therapy to treat amblyopia. It is an online therapy that children follow by playing games on their home PC while wearing the eye patch. The games are semi-transparant and displayed against a background with sinusoidal moving patterns. The pattern stimulates the brain to reactivate the connection between the brain and the weak eye. The programme is designed to keep the motivation high for the patients and the parents, thereby improving treatment compliance.

Caterna Vision Therapy is a CE-certified class 1 (EU) medical treatment and should be prescribed by a medical eye care professional.

How does it work?

At the Technical Universtiy of Dresden (Germany), it was discovered that exposure to a dynamic sinusoidal black and white pattern stimulates the neural connection between the amblyopic eye and the visual cortex in the brain. Based on this finding, a treatment was developed that combines this effect with other elements that support the motivation of the patient, increasing treatment compliance: the Caterna Vision Therapy was born.

The development was done in close collaboration with leading ophthalmologists in Germany. The effectivity was assessed and confirmed by several clinical trials, of which you can read the findings in the publications on this link.

Is it already being used?

The Caterna Vision Therapy is currently being prescribed by more than 250 ophthalmological practices and eye clinics all over Germany. The prescribing doctors can be found on this map . The Caterna Vision Therapy is also being covered by 15 major health insurance companies in Germany, confirming the added value of the training.

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    1. Caterna is a web-based, innovative stimulation therapy for amblyopia.
    2. Caterna is prescribed exclusively by medical eye care professionals.
    3. Caterna is a CE certified medical device approved for EU-wide distribution.
    4. Caterna is used in addition to the proven occlusion therapy and can significantly improve its effectivity.
    5. The Caterna Vision Therapy is performed by the patient at home on the computer.
    6. The child plays age-appropriate, exciting online games, which run before a dynamic sinusoidal wave pattern on the screen background.
    7. This wave pattern influences the neurosensorial visual processing, resulting in an increase of the visual acuity of the weak eye.
    8. Conclusion: Satisfied patients who recommend your practice.
    9. The Caterna service and support makes the prescription of the Caterna Vision Therapy easy and fast.

When To Prescribe Caterna?

When a child is diagnosed with amblyopia, the standard treatment is still the occlusion therapy, because of its simplicity and general success in addressing the disorder.

However, in 30% of the cases, occlusion therapy alone does not seem to be effective in restoring visual acuity in the amblyopic eye . The main cause of this failure lies usually in a lack of treatment compliance.

This is where the Caterna Vision Therapy manifests its value: the game-like set-up and the ease of access through a regular online browser have shown to greatly improve the effectivity of the occlusion therapy. Excellent results have been obtained with patients that failed to make any further progress with the occlusion therapy alone. But also patients whose amblyopia was only discovered at a later age, have achieved remarkable vision improvement using the Caterna Vision Therapy. However, in principle, all amblyopic patients could benefit from Caterna’s enhancing effects on occlusion therapy, for instance when there is a time pressure to restore the vision before school starts.

Counterindication: amblyopic patients that have shown to be susceptible to epilepsy should not use Caterna..

Summary: When does  Caterna come into play?

  • Diagnosed amblyopia
  • Treatment outcome with regular occlusion is not optimal
  • Progress with occlusion treatment stagnates
  • Compliance issues
  • Amblyopia was discovered at late age
  • Particularly severe form of amblyopia
  • Time pressure (eg upcoming enrollment)

Caterna Vision Therapy In Practice


Before prescribing the Caterna Vision Therapy, all starts with the diagnosis of amblyopia and the prescription of occlusion therapy. Additionally, the Caterna Vision Therapy is prescribed. The patient needs to register on the Caterna website and gets a patient account. The patient account is connected to your practice account as a prescriber. With your practice account, you get your personal online access to the Caterna therapy platform, which allows you to follow the course of the therapy at any time.

The Caterna Vision Therapy is then performed on a daily basis, by the patient at home. The patient needs to do the exercises for about 30 to 45 minutes per day, for a period of 90 days.

Following the prescription, you see the patient in the middle of the therapy (after 6 weeks) for a control examination. At the end of the therapy (after 12 weeks), you perform the final examination.

Of course, the Caterna Vision hotline is at your disposal to assist you with any questions regarding our product or technical troubles.


Benefits For Your Practice


    • Caterna Vision Therapy is an innovative, modern therapy, which increases treatment success and reduces treatment duration.
    • Listing as a Caterna Partner on the Caterna website increases visibility
    • Extend your performance spectrum for amblyopia patients
    • Increased effectivity of occlusion therapy
    • Reduced occlusion therapy duration
    • More motivation for the occlusion therapy
    • Occlusion therapy becomes more varied
    • Increased patient volume, creating additional revenue opportunities
    • Benefit from Caterna’s online marketing efforts.
    • Occlusion therapy becomes more varied
    • More motivation for the occlusion
    • Occlusion therapy can be shortened
    • Therapy planning, progress monitoring and patient management are supported quickly and easily online
    • No efforts needed for programme installation or complicated equipment in your practice

Conclusion: Satisfied patients who recommend your practice


What Does Caterna Provide My Practice?

    • Caterna service hotline for your practice
    • Caterna service team for all questions concerning order and handling
    • Experienced orthoptists who support youwith expertise
    • Demo applications for you and your patients: as a waiting info tablet or TV
    • Patient brochures and information material – printed and online
    • Order forms and various templates – printed or online
    • Therapy monitoring by Caterna (optional)
    • Your personal online access to the Caterna Therapy Platform
    • Caterna patient information hotline
    • Comprehensive information material for parents
    • Provision of a patient account within 24 hours
    • Automatic storage of therapy hours and access to the  training protocols
    • Free app to run an online occlusion diary

Technical Requirements in Your Practice

The Caterna Visual Training works on any desk top or notebook computer with internet connection and a regular browser. There is no additional installation or expensive software.

With an internet-enabled computer, you can easily demonstrate Caterna Vision Therapy to your patients. You can follow the exercise progress online and print exercise logs for your overview.

However, even having a PC in your practice is not a strict prerequisite. The important thing is that the patient has one at home and can bring the reports to the next examination. If you would like to have a look at the progress of your patients online, you can log on to any internet-enabled computer with your personal log-in.

Caterna’s programmes are highly secure and all data is protected according to the legal requirements in the EU. Read more about it in our privacy policy (German only).