“Our son is six years old. We have been his eye for almost three years. In the first year  his eyesight improved well. For the next two years, however, there was hardly anyprogress until we had a good development within a very short time with Caterna. Thank you very much for this opportunity. ”

Emine Affeld

“We are enthusiastic about the Caterna training: our 6-year-old son was able to quickly improve his visual weakness, both in the initial treatment of the ophthalmologist and in the home training – and from his point of view it was literally playful.”

Maren und Lars Wesselhöft

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„I cannot recommend the Caterna therapy more than enough. You can see fast improvements and it is really working.”

Jessica Müller

“Caterna has done miracles with my son! His vision has improved from 80 to 100 percent in just a few weeks. Since then, he reads better, he plays the flute from the sheet, and seldom complains of eye fatigue. ”

Bettina Mother of Max