What is Caterna?

The Caterna Vision Therapy is an innovative visual training supplementary to occlusion therapy for children with amblyopia or lazy eye.
The Caterna Therapy is prescribed in addition to the occlusion therapy (patching of the dominant eye) in order to stimulate the brain to re-establish the connection between brain and eye. The training is consists of online games that are played at home in front of the PC while wearing the eye patch.
A special wave pattern in the background of the games stimulates the brain to activate the weak eye again. In this way, the vision in the weak eye will improve during a 90 day therapy period. A daily therapy duration of between 30 and 45 minutes is required. The exciting Caterna video games are played on the home PC during the occlusion time. The child can choose from 9 different games  with different levels depending on age and skills.

Having fun while playing the Caterna games is an excellent motivation to stick to the occlusion therapy. Your child will improve his/her vision in the amblyopic eye faster and more effectively, with more fun! 

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Caterna at Home:

  • Online visual training for lazy eye
  • Supplementary to occlusion therapy (patching) 
  • Stimulates the weak eye through a specific sinusoidal wave pattern
  • Choice from a selection of 9 different games
  • Certified medical product class 1 (EU)
  • Prescribed by doctor and practitioner 

How does Caterna work?

The Caterna Therapy was developed at the Technical University Dresden (Germany) in cooperation with renowned ophthalmologists all across Germany. The innovative therapy was tested in clinical trials that have confirmed the effectiveness of the therapy. Caterna Visions Therapy works!

The secret of the therapy is a specific sinusoidal moving pattern brought to the patient through the browser of the home PC. In front of this pattern, transparent video games attract the attention of the child so that the pattern can stimulate the brain to re-establish the connection between visual cortex and the weaker (amblyopic) eye. This will result in an increased visual acuity. The games are purely there to attract the attention of the young patients.

The Caterna Vision therapy is already prescribed by more than 250 ophthalmological practices and clinics. More than 700 patients were already helped by Caterna.

The Caterna Method:

  • Developed at the Technical University Dresden (Germany)
  • Clinical trials confirm effectiveness
  • The special pattern in the background of the screen stimulates the brain
  • Games in front of the pattern attract the attention of the patient

What are the benefits of Caterna?

Online – innovative telemedicine
Quick – supplements and accelerates the occlusion therapy
At home – your child does the therapy at home on your computer
Interesting – you child chooses the games it likes
Works – the background Caterna pattern stimulates the brain
Helps – the connection between weak eye and the brain is stimulated
Motivated – the occlusion diary improves the motivation for patching

    1. Diagnosis of amblyopia
    2. Prescription of occlusion therapy (patching)
    3. Supplementary prescription of Caterna therapy
    4. Order Caterna online
    5. You receive access code
    6. Therapy for 90 days
    7. Sessions at home on your PC
    8. Daily session between 30 and 45 minutes
    9. Medical check-up appointment after 45 days
    10. Final check-up at the end of the therapy after 90 days