Clinical Studies on Caterna

1995 – A research group at the Technical University of Dresden began to develop a computer-aided “Sehschule”, or school of vision, for patients with amblyopia. The innovative procedure has been investigated in two clinical trials and has been further developed in the following years up to the final practical application.

1998 –  pilot study, supported by the Roland Ernst Foundation and by the Saxon Ministry of Science and Art: First clinical tests of the  prototypic stimulator for the treatment of amblyopia.

2001 –  Computer-aided Sehschulung with amblyopia II: A multicenter prospective study by Roland Ernst Foundation accompanied the treatment of 200 children with amblyopia 4-14 years.

2001 –  monthly journal on ophthalmology (“Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde”): Supporting amblyopia by computer games with background stimulation: A placebo-controlled study

2008 –  Strabismus: Long-Term Application of Compute Based Pleoptics in Home Therapy: Selected Results of a Prospective Multicenter Study

2012 –  The ophthalmoscope (“Der Augenspiegel”), Publication of Case Study “Stimulation therapy in amblyopia”

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