What and who is Caterna?

The Caterna Therapy was developed at the Technical University Dresden (Germany) in cooperation with renowned ophthalmologists all across Germany. The innovative therapy was tested in clinical trials that have confirmed the effectiveness of the therapy. Caterna Visions Therapy works!

The secret of the therapy is a specific sinusoidal moving pattern brought to the patient through the browser of the home PC. In front of this pattern, transparent video games attract the attention of the child so that the pattern can stimulate the brain to re-establish the connection between visual cortex and the weaker (amblyopic) eye. This will result in an increased visual acuity. The games are purely there to attract the attention of the young patients.

The Caterna Vision therapy is already prescribed by more than 350 ophthalmological practices and clinics. More than 1.800 patients were already helped by Caterna.

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