Corporate Info


We believe in innovative technologies and that new knowledge can be translated into better solutions, even in medicine. With this belief we undertake responsibility. On the one hand, we are facing enormous innovative pressures today, on the other hand, incredibly innovative ideas exist – both need to be brought together. Advancement is not an empty phrase even today and can make our world a little better each day.


In the world there is an enormous potential for new ideas. We want to make promising ideas happen. Therefore, we bring thinkers and experts together with decision-makers and take care that they can evolve. Together with such people we can undertake things and strike new paths.

Where we want to go

We keep moving forward. Even tomorrow, we want to be the provider of new technologies for the health care sector. Our place, today and also tomorrow, is at the interface between science and practical implementation. Caterna will stand out because we capture new knowledge, embrace new trends and use this to create new applications for clinical use.



Michael Scherrer

Michael Scherrer is Managing Director of Caterna Vision GmbH. As an expert in business development and sales, he has recently advised and developed companies in IT medicine. He is an entrepreneur and a graduate in business administration and has been responsible for finance and sales in international IT companies.



Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Stöckemann, MBA

Klaus Stöckemann is co-founder and managing director of Peppermint Venture Partners (PVP). PVP focuses on investments in medical technology and “Digital Health” start-up companies in Germany and Europe. As a former general partner of the 3i Healthcare Venture Capital team, he has more than 13 years of experience in the venture capital industry. At 3i he was responsible for more than 12 investments and exits.

These include the successful IPOs of Epigenomics, Jerini and Santhera, as well as the sale of Evotec Neuroscience, Amaxa and Elbion. Klaus Stöckemann was a board member of Combinature, Epigenomics, Jerini, amaxa Immatics and IntelliDx, as well as Zonare in the United States. He is chairman of the advisory board of Humedics, Emperra E-Health Technologies and Caterna vision, and a member of the advisory board of Implandata. Klaus Stöckemann holds a doctorate in biology and pharmacology at the University of Mainz and an MBA from WHU/Kellogg Northwestern University in the United States.


Dr. med. Markus Müschenich, MPH

Dr. Markus Müschenich is a specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, and health scientists / Master of Public Health. He spent over 10 years on the boards of various non-profit and private hospital groups. As founder of the think tanks “Concept Hospital” (2000) and “Concept and Health” (2008), he is considered a specialist for medicine of the future.

In 2012 he founded the Association of Internet Medicine and is a member of its board. Since 2013 he is a member of the advisory board of the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit, the expert panel of Peppermint Venture Partners and mentor at XLHealth. Dr. Markus Müschenich is co-Founder and managing partner of FLYING HEALTH.


Dipl. inf. Sascha Seewald, MBA

Sascha Seewald is an IT expert and entrepreneur. As a management consultant, he assists companies with their strategy and innovation processes, as well as supporting startups with their first steps into market. His consulting focus is primarily on providing digital products and services to domestic and international clients in the medical, telecommunication and IT industries.

To his work in engineering management, he brings more than 20 years of experience in software development and management. Sascha Seewald is creative director and co-founder of Caterna Vision GmbH. Since 2014 he is a member of the advisory board. Sascha Seewald studied computer science and psychology at Dresden University of Technology and an MBA in general management.