How does the Caterna Therapy work?

Caterna’s online visual exercises can easily be done at home. All you need is a normal computer and an internet connection. No installation or special accessories are required. The screen should be at least 17 inches in order for the Caterna Wave Pattern to work best.

After ordering the Caterna training with your eye doctor, you will receive your personal access data and a password. For security, your data is always encrypted and anonymous. That is all you need to start! 

In daily sessions, your child plays for about 30 to 45 minutes, wearing the eye patch and his glasses. These sessions can also be split into shorter intervals, if you like. Depending on desire, mood and age, your child can decide between nine different, exciting online games. So there is plenty of choice! This creates more fun and a higher motivation for the occlusion therapy with the adhesive patch.

During the treatment period, your ophthalmologist and your orthoptist have the possibility to view the therapy progress online. If you use our Caterna App, you or your child can have a practical therapy protocol. After four to six weeks and at the end of the treatment period, check-ups are carried out by the ophthalmologist to monitor the treatment outcome.

The technology
  • Normal computer
  • 17 inch screen
  • Internet connection

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