Clinical Studies on Caterna

1995 – began at the Technical University of Dresden, a research group to develop a computer-aided Sehschulung with amblyopia. The innovative procedure has been investigated in two clinical trials and has been further developed in the following years up to the final practical application.

1998 –  pilot study, supported by the Roland Ernst Foundation and by the Saxon Ministry of Science and Art: The prototypic stimulator for the treatment of amblyopia was first clinically tested.

2001 –  Computer-aided Sehschulung with amblyopia II: A multicenter prospective study of Roland Ernst Foundation accompanied the treatment of 200 children with amblyopia 4-14 years.

2001 –  Clinical Monatsblätter ophthalmology: Supporting amblyopia by computer games with background stimulation: A placebo-controlled study

2008 –  Strabismus: Long-Term Application of Compute Based Pleoptics in Home Therapy: Selected Results of a Prospective Multicenter Study

2012 –  The ophthalmoscope, Release Case Study “Stimulation therapy in amblyopia”

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